2-day international conference planned for January–February 2024 will serve as an interdisciplinary platform for critical reflection about the project GARDENING OF SOUL: IN FIVE CHAPTERS.

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International conference
in Ústí nad Labem

The interdisciplinary scope of the conference will approach the phenomenon of gardening (in the sense of caring for a location and nature, general well-being, individual communities, specific individuals and permanent sustainability) from the artistic, philosophical, social, economic, geographic, educational and geopolitical perspectives.It will ensure the comprehensive interconnection and thorough interpretation of the creative approaches used in the artistic research process and artistic practice as they relate to the key activity that defines the nature of the project – the realization of individual artworks in public space.Only an approach structured this way (accompanying the second jointly conceived international group show at the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts at which the results of the focused artistic work realized as a part of the project will be presented to the public) will make the thorough interpretation of the tracked theme possible in all of its rich, intricate and inspiring complexity.The format of the conference proceedings will be maximally adapted to the effort to launch intensive and mutually enriching meetings of representatives from various scientific disciplines and interested groups (about 30 contributors will participate in the conference). The selection of conference papers will place emphasis on interweaving specific research themes with the issues that arise within the final focus of the project for realizing artworks and applying tools for community practices and environmental activism while taking into account the symbolic focus on aspects of gardening.

In addition to the partner institution from the donor state, the applicant requested the following institutions for organizational support related to the selection of experts participating at this international conference: the Dowd Gallery - SUNY Cortland, the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kunst Meran Merano Arte, the Museum of Fine Arts Split, PRECEDEE Hong Kong, the Rotor Center for Contemporary Art in Graz, Schafhof - European Center for Art Upper Bavaria in Freising, and The Trinity Session Johannesburg).In addition to researchers representing the broad range of interdisciplinary approaches to the phenomenon of gardening, the conference participants will also include representatives from the target groups involved in the project – the contributors will include active project participants, representatives from the individual collaborating institutions, invited artists, representatives of the communities and community organizations involved in the project, community politicians who analyze the specific impact and sustainability of the individual artistic interventions, and others.The conference theme formulated in this way will also open the next phase of a long-term creative and research programme at the applicant institution, symbolically framed by the theme of gardening and aimed at deepening interdisciplinary research and social responsibility as they emerge from the possibilities of an academic environment.