The Most Ark artwork will be created in collaboration with Zdena Kolečková and the Elementary School of Art Most

Together with the children participating in the project, the artist asks complex questions:

How to turn coal into fertile soil? How to restore meaning and order to the landscape of Most? How to settle in a concrete city?

– How to take fossilised plants, i.e. coal, out of the ground and turn them into vital and viable matter

– To seek a future for Most; to turn into a positive what has ambivalently written itself on the face of contemporary Most; to cultivate hope for the youngest generation

– To create an object/installation/architecture/biotope, in an organic form, as a reminder of the horsetails and sails that once made coal

Sub-segments with motifs of plant details will be created in collaboration with children by modelling and casting into moulds, with the material becoming sculptural concrete – a shell to hold the structure together, coloured and filled with coal dust and self-collected coal.