Presentation of the work created in public space at the Domov Velké Březno in the Ústí nad Labem – The House, authors of the work: Bartoš Jiří & Jan C. Löbl

The planters are based on the traditional country architecture of gabled houses. They are reminiscent of the rural urban line of two-storey houses. Each house is solitary. They can be installed individually in the garden or in the house, or in compact units – semi-detached house, country estate, secluded settlement…. The compositions can remind people in the Domov Velké Březno, which cares for clients with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, of their childhood or life. We work with the fact that small visual shards can connect people with the disease to the memory centre, activating the mind that the centre’s assistants work with. An essential element of the pots, besides the visual form, is the colour. Specific colours and shades help clients to orient themselves well and have a positive effect on their senses.