Janda Jiří Philippe & Mach Václav


Author of the photographs Lukáš Jasanský



Author of the photographs Filip Trubač



Dissemination 2023/2024
sketches for realization


The Dissemination object is a horizontally oriented sculpture, directly connected to the adjacent furnishings, which also serves as a grill and refers in its aesthetic structure to the archetype of circular gatherings, often built around a fire. The intention is that this object should be used in an identical way. It should become a kind of focal point for conversations, debates and discussions to which everyone brings a personal input. A place where information is gathered to be disseminated, in a similar way to what has happened in the past in this location, as it is on the ground of university halls of residence. It was here that the Faculty of Education’s Strike Committee was active in November 1989, playing an important role as a centre of resistance against the authoritarian regime of the time and of the distribution of free information that encouraged the further development of the Velvet Revolution. The very shape of this building, which represents organic features, is based on this idea. The roots or trellises running out of the ground are conceived as the supporting frames of benches, tables and other furnishings. All these projections then converge towards the centre, i.e. towards the central object of the grill.

The ritual significance of the Dissemination object is thus linked to fire, which can be seen as an image of our eternal longing for light in the bottomless shadows of night, as well as the burning obsession emerging from the dynamics of the dancing flames. Fire intertwines hope and passion in a single moment, shining a path in dark moments and warming the soul. Our inner flame of fire, seemingly unchanging yet undergoing a permanent metamorphosis, a mirror of essence and a sign of new beginnings, a witness to the process of transformation as the old become young again, at least for a moment, and the young come of age. In mythology and literature, fire is often seen as a metaphor for knowledge and enlightenment. It represents a source of wisdom that beckons us to delve into the dark recesses of our consciousness. Finally, fire is also a symbol of connection and community. The hearth becomes a place of meeting and communication where people share their stories and sing songs. It forms a bond between generations, as if it holds the memories and experiences of all those who have sat around it before us. 

The Disseminationobject will complement the forecourt of the Ústí nad Labem House of Arts and open it up for use by the various events organised by the institution, as well as by other visitors, such as students staying in the university halls of residence. This will strengthen the potential of this cultural centre towards the communities that are its natural target groups and enrich its immediate surroundings with features that allow the development of leisure activities and enhance the quality of life in the area.