Exploring the space at the Volunteer Center club

In the first half of September, a meeting took place at the headquarters of the Volunteer Center. The director Lenka Vonka Černá then showed artist Jiří Černický and the project team part of the city Ústí nad Labem. She showed other possibilities for creating artwork in public space. Jiří Černický is now concentrating on developing ideas for the creation of the artwork.

Jiří Černický is a Czech visual artist known for experimental intermedia projects involving video art, visual poetry and photography. He is a winner of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award, the Soros Award and the 48th October Salon Award (in Belgrade, Serbia). He currently works as the head teacher of the painting studio at the University of Applied Arts in Prague.  In his work, he very often moves in the spaces between media, when it is not entirely clear which medium prevails – whether it is, for example, video art, visual poetry or photography, etc. His work is often characterized by socio-political engagement related to overcoming social taboos. The common ground of his often very disparate projects was perhaps most accurately named the creation of fictional scenarios. He then concentrates these into various media, which he often combines in complex exhibition constellations and in other ways. It sovereignly transitions between a hanging picture, objects, video, photo. It uses strategies based on action art and new media technologies. He does not avoid strong emotions, social criticism and predicting the future. Just as it blurs the sharp dividing line between reality and fiction, it breaks down and frees unbearable pathos with ironic humor. The equilibrist skill of balancing all components protects projects of Jiří Černický from the threat of idle morality, first-rate humour and overcombined boredom.